At Andrade Concrete & Construction we use our experience and passion to bring the visions to life through construction.

  • Analyze Project

    Gathering blueprints, plans, specs and all the information provided we look at the most effective way start any project.


    Preparation of the necessary materials and as a team we use the right assets and innovation to formulate a plan to build ones visions.

  • Schedule of Task to be Performed (Multi-step)

    This is a vital stage in our process of preparation. Carefully executing each stage before the construction begins.

    Begin & Complete Project

    Now that we have completed the steps above we start the project through completion. Working with our client each step of the way.

  • Begin Project Approval Process

    At this stage we begin the project approval in house, before turning the project over for client approval.

Project Planning For Construction

Work with the Andrade team with over 50 years combined experience to take your project from drawings to realization. Our staff will work with you to find solutions that will make it easy and profitable for your company to build and maintain toward the future. You will never have to fend for yourself, we are here for you.

Adaptable to any size job, whether commercial, residential, or industrial we help our clients; a one stop shop.

Start plannnig Your Project

Andrade can take a site from the clearing stage to underground work, through the final foundation and complete building process.